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Zinnia is two kinds of scientist: an Ecologist and a “Human Attraction Scientist.” Her studies in Human Evolutionary Biology have led her to her current PhD specializing in colorism, specifically in Asia. Er, can we hear more please? Her outlook is fascinating and engaging – the perfect example of how communication through social media can be positive and beneficial to both human beings and corporate brands.

On beauty standards:

“What I find most fascinating is how we can create and set trends of beauty from within the fashion industry. As beauty is universal to all humans the beauty industry is incredibly powerful and influential.”

On stereotypes:

“It’s important to keep an open mind and challenge labels and stereotypes – labels come with assumptions and limitations about a person’s character. If we let go of labels and just experience each perspective presented with an open mind, we will have the opportunity to learn and develop something that is completely unique.”

On science:

“I think the three important qualities you need to work in science are: 1. curiosity 2. enormous perseverance 3. an open mind. There are not enough female scientists. I want to break down long held ‘uncool’ stereotypes and inspire a new generation. Science has always been my passion, it’s something I decided I was going to do when I was six.”

On self-perception:

“Always try to better yourself so that you are at the top of your own game but never compare yourself to others. Whether someone says you’re beautiful or ugly, neither of those two comments should change the way you see yourself.”

On Tinder:

“In this age where we can swipe left or right entirely based on the way someone looks, I think depth of character is something that is more important than ever. I would like to see more models with substance and meaning develop strong relationships with brands and casting directors.”

On social media:

“Although social media is a wonderful marketing tool, it’s also important to study the type of content that is being pushed on those feeds. Not just see fluff and skin.”