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I had the most wonderful evening at the Asian awards. Surrounded by inspiring driven people from business people, academics to philanthropists. I am a seeker of depth and truth and of course there were ‘celebrities’ there too but, personally I’ve never been terribly impressed about mountains out of mole hills or people that clearly lack substance. To be quite honest, I’ve never really been a fan of celebrities or put simply ‘materialistic’ people whose talent is none other than being born with an attractive face or better yet nepotistic connections. Of course there are exquisite exceptions. However, they are quite rare in a world where a persons qualities and worth is ruled entirely by the features on their face or the connections they were born with.

Some of the inspiring people at the event was a Nobel Prize winning Professor who is responsible for creating the blue and green LED’s. Why is that significant? Well you wouldn’t have LED TV’s or Smart phones without him.

One of the award winners although posthumously, was  Mother Teresa. All my life since I can remember I’ve always looked up to Mother Teresa. Inspired by her work I was about 14 when I desired to become a humanitarian worker just like her. Funnily enough it was her inspiration that led me two years later to start teaching English to refugee children. She is a woman who is so humble and yet so empowering, with an equal eye for every creature on this Earth. Something so rare in this world of smoke and mirrors. It was a wonderful experience being part of an event  with so many inspiring people, that helped expand my horizons and and really realise the need we have for genuine philanthropists in this world.


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Wearing Ralph and Russo lilac dress with £500,000 worth of diamonds from Sarah Ho, clutch by Ethan K and shoes by Gina.

Styled by Calvin Opaleye, Moheib Dahabieh & Ian Loughran.

Hair and Makeup by Nevilles Hair Salon (Jack Merrick-Thirlway and Sara Sorrenti).