I was booked in for a Saturday morning, still a little feverish from the sickness from the night before.

I walked in To the Salon on Crown Street in Newtown, it was vibrant and spacious. I was greeted by Phil, his team and a wall of Redken hair products. Muse is an official Redken salon.

I was then introduced to Timka Tremoulina, who would be my hair colorist & stylist for the morning. Timka is awesome! She’s a Finnish hair stylist and was trained in America, before moving to Australia, she specialises in both hair styling & coloring.

Anyway, Timka and I talked about what I wanted done to my hair. I had quite a bit of regrowth and I needed my hair all one color.


First she sectioned my hair mixed pH Bonder & bleach to lighten it, she only painted this on the dark parts avoiding the already frazzled ends of my hair (from when I had it platinum blonde). She was extra careful to avoid the already bleached bits at the ends of my hair. It was at this point I wasn’t feeling so well, my tummy making all kinds of noises. Leakana suggested a lemon and ginger tea. It sure made me feel better!

This is what it looked like during the process:


Then my hair was washed, a deep conditioner put in from the Redken Extreme line. Then an Ash – bLonde color was put into my hair, perfectly neutralising the ginger tones my hair throws up.


Then my hair was cut into a blunt cut bob. The last remaining bit of damaged platinum hair was cut out. Timka was extra careful to make sure everything was one length. Then Timka passed it on to Leakana who then dried my hair. Turns out Leakana and I went to the same high school! Small world!



I went back to MUSE a couple of days later when I was feeling better. Timka put a fabulous treatment into my hair, to help strengthen, soften and add shine.

She used a combination of two products from the Redken Chemistry collection Extreme & All Soft, for a leave in deep conditioning treatment. Timka left the treatment in for about 30 minutes.


After the deep conditioning treatment Timka told me about two redken products that would really help my hair, Extreme Cat & Extreme Anti-Snap. Extreme Anti Snap was sprayed into damp hair from roots to tip to help strengthen it. Extreme Cat is a protein reconstructing treatment to help strengthen and put protein back in the hair after bleaching. Timka & Muse were lovely enough to give me bothe products which I’ve been using religiously at home!



I absolutely love my cut and color. I had a wonderful experience at MUSE, the team was lovely, friendly and extremely well versed on how to deal with thick, coarse Indian hair like mine. The colour was also perfect, I often find its quite hard for me to walk into a salon and not walk out with brassy hair, however I didn’t have to think twice at MUSE, it was perfectly toned and the exact color I wanted. I highly recommend Timka, Phil and the friendly and highly experienced team at MUSE for anyone who wants a change, a great coloring session or just a 5 star salon with great service.
Thank you Muse Hair for doing such a wonderful job!




Address429 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010