I went a couple of days before to get a bleach test & a skin allergy test done behind my ear. On this day I also talked about what I was interested in in terms of Hair color and cut.

On the day I was greeted by .. and the happy staff at house of evelyn I instantly felt at ease.

I was sat down in a chair opposite a beautiful ornate mirror.


Hair was bleached to a blonde so that my hair wouldn’t glow orange in the sun anymore. Obviously I knew I was going to lose condition by doing this, however the addition of a bonding product helped my hair to keep its integrity.


He toned the brassyness out with an ash toner. I wanted shadows painted into it, to make the growing out process a little easier.


No Cut. Obviously this was my second visit to a salon so the the platinum part of my hair that was at the bottom remained kind of eww. He did recommend me to cut it otherwise the damage ould break off. I really really wanted to grow it out a bit longer so I just said I’ll do it later.

Anyway a month later whilst at a shoot with an over zealous hair stylist who thought it was a fab idea to put hairspray, mousse, hair gel and then straighten my hair, only to decide after finishing the straightening process that she preferred it curly who then pulled out a curling tong whilst wetting my hair… Needless to say, I watched my hair break and fall to the floor with great annoyance, wishing I’d cut it shorter and that the hairstylist took greater care.


Overall House of Evelyn are amazing at getting colour exactly how you imagined. They have a huge Asian clientele and are excellent at coloring and color correcting very dark hair – which I personally find quite hard to find. The luxury within the salon from the crystal chandelier to the marble floor and electronic massage chairs at the hair wash bowl is unprecedented. You will walk out of House of Evelyn feeling like a million dollars!

Side note, if you get roots painted into you hair I think a darker ashy brown has a nicer effect with the black then a lighter colour. So bare that in mind when you decide to choose a color.